The final result
Wir bei der Auktion
The final result (the completed watch) fully meets our expectations and speaks for itself. Therefore, we display the following pictures without any further comment: OUR SWATCH QUATTRO (SUOZ194S)
At this point, we would like to thank Mr. Nick Hayek, who made this experience possible for us through the provision of Lot 7. He benevolently accepted and encouraged our special requests at all times in the background. Furthermore, our thanks go to Reto Stöckli and Jean- Claude Eggen. Without their intense support, this project would not have been realized. We also want to thank Carlo Giordanetti for his suggestions and advice during the implementation of our idea. Extra special thanks go to Nadia Randazzo for her untiring support of our project which she accompanied fantastically from start to finish. Especially, we want to thank the boss but also the workers at the production plant in Sion for this unique experience and please excuse us for our persistent questioning about each and every small production step - we were simply overwhelmed and interested in the products that you produce every day. We enjoyed this day with you to the fullest and were very warmly welcomed indeed.
The "always different" back
Private meeting in Brugg