The auction
Wie bei der Auktion
In summer 2011, news spread like wildfire among the Swatch collectors' circle, that the famous "Blum Collection" would be auctioned in Hong Kong in November 2011. After Swatch The Club announced a trip to Hong Kong to witness the sale, it was clear to us that we wanted to be present and part of the event. The main lot (of the collection Blum) however, didn't quite attract us. Instead, one of the accompanying lots had aroused our attention: Lot 7 - My Swatch: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a real Swatch watch in a limited edition of (only!) 100 pieces. The day we had all been waiting for had finally arrived: November, 24th 2011. That morning, we were invited to an exclusive preview of 291 out of a total of 4363 Swatch watches at the "Four Seasons" Hotel in Hong Kong. The auction in the evening with about 350 invited guests (incl. 80 members of Swatch The Club from all around the world went by quickly. After a few minutes, Lot 7 was auctioned and our bid with the bidder number 162 was accepted as highest bid! At that time, we had no idea that the subsequent journey towards the finished product would take almost four years.